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Innovation for a volatile world with Bill Beane


Bill Beane is the Senior Director of Parker Technology Center and Innovation Systems. Parker is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies. If it moves, Parker's either involved or close to it. As Senior Director, Bill provides leadership to Parker's Technology Center, focusing on developing new and sustainable business solutions. He also serves as a corporate sponsor for the company's Engineering Leadership Development Program and Manufacturing Engineering Leadership Development. Bill joins us today to discuss what Parker is, their services, and the ubiquity of their products. He shares how he wound up in innovation and reveals what being in the military taught him about it. He describes the challenges regarding innovating in a tech-oriented company and its "Winovation" program. Bill also dissects the benefits and drawbacks of supply chain disruption.

"Innovation has to start on the focus of the customer." - Bill Beane


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • What Parker is and what they do
  • Bill's military background and how he got involved with innovation
  • The challenges of innovating in a tech-oriented company
  • What "Winovation" is
  • How to convey your passion for technology to your consumers
  • The advice Bill would give to someone confused about local or global alignment
  • Dealing with supply chain disruption all over the world
  • The pros and cons of supply chain disruption
Connect with Bill Beane:

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