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How did the pandemic change the future of innovation, and what it now looks like.


Dr. Sven Schimpf is a Professor for Innovation and Interdisciplinarity Research at the Institute for Human Engineering & Empathic Design at Pforzheim University. He also spends a large portion of his time conducting research for Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Two years ago, Dr. Schimpf began focusing on disruptive technologies and has been involved in numerous national and international consulting and research projects. He holds a business administration degree and a doctorate in engineering. Sven joins me today to discuss how the pandemic is changing the future of innovation. He shares his views on innovation serendipity and reveals whether there will still be room for creative spaces and meeting places with increasing digitalization in communication and innovation. Sven shares how the pandemic will change the driving factors behind innovation, including cooperation in teams and openness. He shares how people's interest in new technologies can be leveraged to bring people together at work, such as enabling students and enthusiastic retirees to access creative spaces. We discuss how disruptive technologies can change the structure of the market, making the investment of market leaders obsolete. Sven also shares where companies should be investing in innovation, research, and development.

"Innovation in the year 2030 will be much more driven by openness, the ability to learn, and by cooperation." - Sven Schimpf


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Sven's research in dealing with potentially disruptive technologies and innovations
  • How creative spaces will develop in the future in the context of digitalization of corporations and communication
  • The longer-lasting effects and changes on innovation from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How digitalization and video workshops are making it easier to get experts from around the world involved in innovation
  • Why it is important to interlink new personal technologies with businesses to meet the challenges at work
  • Why the big companies and market leaders fail and defining disruptive innovation as an innovation that leads to changes in the market structure
  • Why you should invest in incremental, risky, radical, and AI innovations
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