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Governance in innovation with Andy Michuda


Andy Michuda is the Executive Chairman of Sopheon. He is an internationally recognized speaker, regularly presenting on topics related to innovation management tools and best practices for improving critical business processes. Since the 1990s, he has been helping Fortune 500 companies and large multinationals with knowledge management implementation and new product development solutions. Andy previously worked in computer technology with Control Data Corporation and holds a Bachelor's degree in Resource Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed the Executive Program of Masters in Business at Columbia University. Andy joins me today to discuss the current state of governance in innovation. He shares why repeatable innovation is difficult and why disruption is a top agenda item in the boardroom, as traditional market-leading companies grapple with the challenges of moving faster and with agility and speed. Andy reveals how the executive-level response compares to that of the people in the trenches as they react to the threats and disruption in innovation. He highlights why more frequent communication and engagement on strategy is essential and explores the misuse, confusion, and abuse of the word 'agile' in business. Andy also shares how companies will leverage intelligence-based technologies to predict, instead of react, to consumer behaviors and reveals the characteristics that make the best innovators.

"Move very quickly towards finding where the check and balance of governance really matter and make a difference." - Andy Michuda

This week on Innovation Talks:
  • How Andy got hooked on innovation and the difficulties of innovating in a repeatable fashion
  • Creating the first database of who's-who in science and technology in the 1990s
  • How the innovation-ecosystem has evolved and notable innovation breakthroughs facilitated by extending the reach of an ecosystem
  • The top industry challenges including new players coming into the market, disrupting traditional market leaders
  • The challenge for companies to increase communication and responsibly move with speed as industries experience a massive pace of change
  • The relationship between speed, agility, and governance, and finding a balance
  • How innovation will have a stronger component of artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver insights and analytics
  • The rigors and effort that makes the best innovators
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