Financial implications behind product refactoring


Huub Rutten is the Co-Founder and VP of Research at Sopheon. Before founding the software company, Huub spent over 15 years teaching linguistic disciplines and communication skills. He would then be a strategic development consultant and business processes engineer in several studies. Huub’s focus for the last two decades has been on innovation management and its respective methodologies. Huub joins me today to discuss product refactoring and the many challenges associated with it. He shares his thoughts on bidding Covid-19 farewell and seeing the Russia-Ukraine war from a food supply chain point of view. He explains the risks involved in refactoring and why he doesn’t recommend it. Huub also describes how organizations should plan their innovations.

"You cannot be innovative in an uncontrolled and uncoordinated way." - Huub Rutten


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • What product refactoring is
  • Who Huub is and his role at Sopheon
  • Huub's opinions on old times coming back and the crisis in Ukraine
  • The economic crisis the Russia-Ukraine war is bringing and what it means for the global food supply
  • Assessing certainties and uncertainties when you develop a product
  • The risks associated with refactoring
  • Why Huub says companies should avoid refactoring as much as possible
  • Planning innovation with control and coordination
Connect with Huub Rutten:

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