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External innovation in the chemical industry with Michael Reubold


Michael Reubold is the Publishing Manager and Editor-in-Chief of CHEManager, a business newspaper for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. CHEManager is under Wiley, a publishing company that focuses on research, education, and technology. With over 25 years of experience in publishing and editing, Michael specializes in editing articles, executing interviews, and moderating conferences focused on chemicals, polymers, and materials. Michael joins me today to describe CHEManager and its purpose as a newspaper in the chemical industry. He explains the fundamental problems the chemical industry needs to solve. He elaborates on the recent innovations in the industry and how businesses engage in partnerships. Michael also discusses how the industry’s reputation has improved in the last century.

"The chemical industry has to provide the innovation to make the world sustainable and protect the environment." - Michael Reubold


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • How Michael found a career in publishing
  • The challenges Michael sees in the chemical industry
  • Recent innovations in the industry
  • Partnerships chemical companies make with universities
  • The ecosystem of chemical companies
  • How chemical companies collaborate
  • How the industry is improving communication with the public
  • Critical problems the chemical industry should solve
Connect with Michael Reubold:

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