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Digital twin with Huub Rutten


Huub Rutten is one of the founding members of Sopheon and is currently its Vice President of Product Research and Design. He has over 20 years of experience working in the linguistics and language management sector. Before joining Sopheon, Huub taught linguistics and communication at several higher education institutes. He is currently concerned with sustainability and digitization and how they intervene with each other. In this episode, Huub explores digital twins, their applications, and how they started. He describes his linguistics background and why he's interested in the concept of digital twins. He explains the untapped potential of digital twins and why he calls the idea "meta." He discusses how Meta-Facebook is similar to other metamodels like digital twins. Huub also describes why China is a digital twin prison.

"People still don't understand the power of digital twin and the potential of it." - Huub Rutten


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Huub's background in linguistics and his definition of a digital twin
  • How the Internet of Things gave birth to the concept of the digital twin
  • The prerequisites of a digital twin and its real-world applications
  • Getting the most out of your data with a digital twin
  • How Meta-Facebook relates to digital twins and metamodels
  • How digital twins interact with each other and what it means for product development
  • Huub's predictions for the future of digital twins and quantum computing
  • Why China is a digital twin prison
Connect with Huub Rutten:

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