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Paul O'Connor is the Founder of The Adept Group, a consulting firm that provides product development, product line strategy, and product management services to clients worldwide. Paul has extensive knowledge of relational database management and working with SQL Server. He is the author of The Profound Impact of Product Line Strategy: Your Guide to Highly Productive Innovation and Product Management, which explores the process of turning poor product lines into great ones. Paul joins me today to discuss productivity and how it applies to corporate innovation. He describes how productivity has become more of an industry focus in the last decade and extrapolates its influence across industries in the years to come. He reveals why our economy is about to go into a state of "Stagflation," and offers advice on escaping it. Paul also explains the best way to deal with uncertainty in corporate innovation.

"When you get into corporate innovation, you know you're dealing with loads of uncertainty." - Paul O'Connor


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Exploring "The Linking of Corporate Innovation"
  • Why productivity has become more impactful in the last decade
  • Stagflation and inflation: how to escape them
  • What research says about major innovations in existing product lines
  • The difference between corporate innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Dealing with uncertainty in corporate innovation
  • When screening can be helpful and when it is not beneficial for innovation
  • Discussing the Great Divide
  • Paul's advice to younger people on bridging the long-term and short-term divides
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