Circular Economy in the Chemical Industry


HC Eppich is the Business Development Director for Sopheon. He speaks to businesses across various industries, guiding them toward more significant revenues with a future-proofed portfolio. Previously, HC was a Senior Account Executive and Team Lead for Planview, the CEO of Beratung für erfolgreiches Scheitern, and the Senior Account Executive and Chairman of Manufacturing Solutions for Cordys Deutschland AG. HC has an Engineering degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. HC joins me today to discuss the circular economy in the chemical industry. He shares what a circular economy is and the advantages for companies that adopt a sustainability and waste elimination mindset. He outlines why companies need to focus on building complete eco-systems to create whole circular economies. He discusses current recycling challenges, including recycling plastics and batteries. He shares why companies need to rethink and level out their focus across people, profit, and the planet. HC also discusses the methodology and strategic shift that needs to happen at the boardroom level to create and execute circular economies.

"Circular economy is focusing not only on sustainability, but also on reproducing or reusing stuff and receding waste." - HC Eppich


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • What a circular economy is, how it came about, and why companies need to focus on sustainability and reducing waste
  • Why businesses need to broaden their views and assess the 'green' behaviors of their supply chain
  • Building new eco-systems to achieve a circular economy
  • The challenges of recycling within the battery sector and the possibilities and revenue opportunities for those who develop battery recycling technologies
  • Operationalizing portfolio management and evening out priorities across profit, people, and the plant
  • The government funding available for companies looking to improve their sustainability through innovation
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