Building a culture of innovation with Cris Beswick part one


Cris Beswick is an accomplished speaker and adviser, as well as the Co-founder of Outcome, an innovation consultation business that offers a variety of strategies that innovate not just systems and processes, but also the corporate culture. Cris authored the book, The Road To Innovation, where he describes the seven core areas of innovative focus: strategy, community, people, environment, creativity, risk, and leadership. In this episode, Cris joins me to discuss his role in Outcome and what made him pursue a career in innovation. He shares the reason why culture and leadership shouldn't be prescriptive. He explains what readers can expect from The Road To Innovation. He describes why claiming to be innovative does not always lead to sales. He identifies the hurdles the innovation industry needs to get over. Cris also divulges why he didn't like the position of CEO.

"Innovation is not a thing or something you do—it's an outcome." - Cris Beswick


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Who Cris is and his role in Outcome
  • How Cris got into innovation as a career
  • Why leadership and culture shouldn't be prescriptive
  • What Cris wants to see tackled in the innovation industry
  • Why new products don't always sell despite claiming to be innovative
  • Why Cris was desperately unhappy as a CEO
  • What his book, The Road To Innovation, is about
Resources Mentioned:
  • Podcast: Innovation Accounting and Corporate Startups with Dan Toma
Connect with Cris Beswick:

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