B2B innovation in energy and climate with Daniel Elizalde


Daniel Elizalde is a product executive and climate tech product team advisor. He provides support and consultations on the creation of digital solutions that accelerate the energy transition. He specializes in smart grids, energy efficiency, virtual power plants, renewable integration, electric vehicles, and charging infrastructures. Daniel is also the author of The B2B Innovator's Map, which outlines the process of getting an idea and acquiring your first ten customers.

Daniel joins me today to discuss his professional journey and what led him to become part of the innovation industry. He deliberates on companies having too much data without knowing how to utilize it fully. He explains why ten is the magic number for start-ups or first-time entrepreneurs. He describes why innovation is about mitigating risks, especially when it comes to product launches. Daniel also discusses the roles of accelerators and what it takes to make climate change tech consumer-friendly.

"The goal of innovation is to reduce the risk of building something that nobody wants."  - Daniel Elizalde

This week on Innovation Talks:

  • How Daniel found a career in innovation
  • The best way to make sense of data
  • The different applications of tech Daniel has worked on
  • What it means to get a good product fit
  • Why Daniel says ten is a good number
  • Why the true goal of innovation is to mitigate market risk
  • Accelerators and their role in start-ups
  • Tackling climate change tech that's also consumer-friendly

Connect with Daniel Elizalde:

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