AI is the new calculator


James Macfarlane is the owner and CEO of Easypress Technologies. He was previously the CEO and founder of BookGenie451 and a founder of Sopheon, working in the role of Vice President of Global Business Development. James is a Business Mentor in early-stage business growth through SetSquared Partnership's Investor Readiness Program. He has a Master of Science degree with Distinction in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Brunel University, London. He is a Visiting Lecturer at the University College London James joins me today to share how—when considered from the perspective of historical time—AI is the new calculator. He reveals how different generations recognize innovation and the innovative moments that stand out in history, from the first human flight to landing on the moon and tourism in space. James shares the threats to innovation and highlights how the bar of what qualifies as AI has changed. He explores the cognitive and emotional aspects of AI and machine learning and reveals how AI will be central to solving humanity's current problems. James also discusses recent industry challenges—such as remote working—and how these affect innovation.

"AI is still at that prophecy stage, and we've yet to move from prophecy to practice and then to fact." - James Macfarlane


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • What innovation means to different generations
  • How Easypress developed a rules engine to differentiate magazine design, content, and layout for online publishing
  • Innovating in a change-adverse marketplace
  • James's first experiences with machine learning and robotics, the forerunner of AI, and building knowledge agents
  • What defines an AI identity, and how the bar has changed
  • Where AI is today and how it deals with the cognitive side of knowledge—making things simpler, quicker, and cheaper for us
  • How long it will take for cognitive and emotional AI to reach maturity
  • The role AI will have to play in solving today's problems and creating a cleaner and better planet
  • Maintaining high levels of innovation and the challenges of remote working
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