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AI and machine learning in innovation with Huub Rutten


Dr. Huub Rutten is one of the Founding members of Sopheon and is currently the company's Vice President for Product Research and Design. After gaining a Master’s in Applied Linguistics from Radboud University in the Netherlands, Huub went on to work for several academic institutes teaching linguistics and communications.  An adjunct professor at the European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA), he then became a permanent advisor to the European Commission, counseling them on IT and policy development. Huub is instrumental in Sopheon’s development of linguistics and knowledge management technologies and continues to lead Sopheon into solutions for Innovation. He currently resides in Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands. This episode is the first part of a 4-part fascinating discussion with Dr. Huub Rutten into various aspects of Innovation, beginning with AI and Machine Learning production. He explains the evolution in AI from the early days of automated mortgage lending in banks to its growth into today's smart products, such as the Tesla car. He explains how machine learning is hugely about data collection and collation and how it only works within rules and frameworks given by the human creators. He also discusses how companies strive to make their software safer, protect their customer base from harm, and ensure that the appliances and smart products of the future make our lives easier without risk.

"Artificial intelligence is intelligence that is artificial. So it's not intelligence. It is calculation.”

 – Huub Rutten

"When you connect your brains and the reasoning mechanism of your brains to systems that are outside of yourself - but are also reasoning - can you imagine what will happen?" – Huub Rutten

"Machine learning is not machines, but software. Software is based in general on what is called Neural Networking. See it as a big matrix. And if you take all these data in a very BIG matrix, then the software can see repetitive mechanisms in there."

 – Huub Rutten

"Machine learning is like a discovery tool that in the end delivers you knowledge that you put in algorithms, that create autonomous cars, fridges, kitchens, coffee machines, rockets, planes; they fly autonomously because they have built-in experts-based rules to react on sensor data or environment, data, or something else."

 – Huub Rutten

This week on Innovative Talks:
  • The difference between AI and Machine Learning
  • How smart products can't exist without software development
  • Why AI technology means you no longer need 40 years of experience to make wise decisions
  • How machine learning can collate mass amounts of data to make quick diagnostics and reasoned decisions
  • Why machine learning is all about calculations and data analysis
  • Why the intelligent software in your smart appliance is safety guaranteed

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