Join us for the second in our 3-part series, Above & Beyond PLM: EIM vs Other Enterprise Platforms – Where is the Value?, where Huub Rutten, Sopheon’s VP of Research, joined by Andy Michuda Sopheon’s CEO, clarifies and differentiates the business purpose and value of Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) from traditional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and ERP systems.

They investigate the business purpose of an EIM system and how it brings unique value to the corporate enterprise. They answer the question “Why do I need another enterprise system?” and explain why the annual operational planning process is broken, how to improve on the performance of your innovation initiatives, and how to select the key decision-makers inside and outside of your organization.

In this session you will learn:

  • What the key innovation KPI’s are and how they help achieve strategic business targets

  • What the three layers of innovation decision-making are

  • The various business lifecycles that impact innovation performance

Watch Part 1

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About the Presenters

Andy MichudaChief Executive Officer, Sopheon
Andrew (Andy) Michuda was appointed chief executive officer of Sopheon in September 2000. From 1997 to 2000, he served as chief executive officer and an executive director of Teltech Resource Network Corporation, which was acquired by Sopheon. Prior to joining Sopheon, Mr. Michuda held senior leadership positions at Control Data.


Huub RuttenVP of Product Research and Design and co-founder of Sopheon
Huub Rutten has more than 20 years experience in linguistics and language management. Rutten combines his linguistics and information technology (IT) expertise to innovate the use of language management technology within knowledge-intensive business processes.

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