Innovation Consulting from Sopheon Advisory Consulting Services

Greater Value from Your Innovation Investment with Sopheon Advisory Consulting Services

Sopheon Advisory Consulting Services (ACS) business consultants have a single focus: to help your organization get as much value as possible from the use of our innovation, new product development, (NPD) and product portfolio management (PPM) software solutions. These experienced, certified product innovation experts bring a wealth of process knowledge and best-practice tools and methodologies to enable you to generate more benefit and achieve greater performance results in all phases of innovation and product lifecycle management (PLM) supported by our solutions.

ACS consultants work in four key process areas:

  • Strategic product planning
  • Ideation and concept development
  • Product portfolio management and optimization
  • Innovation and NPD process and project execution
Their strength is a cost-effective, holistic approach that enables them to guide improvement in specific areas of performance while linking those improvements directly to your broader business goals. The consultants operate in small, efficient teams under the control of each customer.

All services are tailored to the unique needs of your organization, and geared to produce the tangible results you expect. Some examples include:

ACS Workshops

  • Strengthening the strategic alignment between product plans, organizational competencies and day-to-day operational activities.
  • Identifying and eliminating roadblocks to improved innovation process throughput.
  • Developing baselines for gauging continuous improvement of innovation performance.

ACS Process Training and Coaching

  • Designing and implementing a Stage-Gate® process, no matter your organization's level of innovation maturity.
  • Providing a step-by-step guide to defining your strategic product portfolio targets, assessing risk, planning your resources, and assigning weighted values to your development projects.
  • Defining and managing idea campaigns that align with your organization's strategic growth goals and provide an ongoing source of new ideas.

Learn more about how you can improve your innovation performance with Sopheon’s Advisory Consulting Services:

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