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Innovation Performance

Innovation performance is a key driver of business performance. Institutionalizing strategy-driven Enterprise Innovation Management allows you to maximize the impact of your innovation investment portfolio and aligns your investment decisions with performance goals. Intrinsically linked to your organization’s business strategy are the best-practice metrics for measuring performance.

Full visibility and transparency to business and innovation activities, decisions, interdependencies and redundancies allows for informed investment prioritization, and positive impact on key performance metrics:

  • Improved success rate
  • Increased new product value
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Reduced cost waste

Align your business needs, goals and strategies with strategic innovation management plans to direct, measure, and communicate these critical performance objectives:

Close the Strategy-Execution Gap
Align operational activities to strategy to increase business and innovation performance.

Increase Portfolio Value
Augment program and product portfolio investments to support strategic growth goals.

Improve Time to Market
Optimize resource utilization and reduce process delays to beat your competition to market.

Grow New Product Success
Increase new product revenues, profits and the length of time in the marketplace.

Leverage Sustainability Opportunities
Discover innovation focused on sustainability to drive innovation in new directions.

Manage and Reduce Costs
Decrease wasted investments with a cost savings portfolio integrated with your innovation portfolio for optimal resource utilization.

Accolade enterprise innovation management software can help increase your ROI and manage initiatives and the associated KPIs.