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Strategic Portfolios in Accolade

Let Accolade help you manage organizational and strategic portfolios. The portfolio tools available in Accolade can help you navigate and visualize the strategic alignment of your portfolios for transparency, fast decision-making and operational agility. [...]

Synchronize Data with Smart Docs Technology

Did you know that you can update documents in Microsoft®Office products Word and Excel® and have these seamlessly update data in Accolade? Or that you can export a presentation-ready PowerPoint® in a snap from Accolade? Watch Accolade [...]

Resource Planning in Accolade

Accolade is known for effectively aiding companies in the automation and standardization of innovation processes. Did you know that it can also aid in the staffing of your innovation projects? The resource planning tools [...]

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Reference Tables Revisited

No, you read that correctly.  I haven't written a post about reference tables before, but I did intend to call this one "revisited". Most (if not all) Accolade customers have used reference tables in one [...]

Seldom-used Accolade Features

There are a few Accolade features I can name that I don't see customers using often.  I'd love to have a discussion with those customers who use these features, and how you implemented them, and [...]

Dynamically-named Portfolio Snapshots

Here's an interesting Accolade idea: Say, for instance, that you want to take a portfolio snapshot and name it dynamically based on the date when it's taken. In the Accolade Administrator's Guide, there is a [...]

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