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Manage Capital Expenditures with Accolade

You already use Accolade to manage innovation, new product development and product portfolios – but did you know you can use Accolade to manage CapEx by tracking approvals and making effective funding decisions?

What’s New in Accolade 13.0

Accolade 13.0 is here and available for immediate upgrade! Watch our 45-minute webinar with 15 minutes of live Q&A to see what’s new in Accolade 13.0.

What’s New in Accolade 12.3

Version 12.3 of our Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) solution is now available. Building on the corporate adaptability strategy introduced with Accolade 12.2, this new release will increase your organization’s ability to operate with both connectivity and flexibility.

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Reference Tables Revisited

Most (if not all) Accolade customers have used reference tables in one capacity or another, whether it be for importing project or resource data or simply making some data available to your project in an Excel document.

Seldom-used Accolade Features

There are a few Accolade features I can name that I don't see customers using often.  I'd love to have a discussion with those customers who use these features, and how you implemented them, and what value they add to your solution. 

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