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Strategic Initiative Management with Accolade

This 45-minute webinar covers Strategic Initiative Management with Accolade. Did you know that Accolade can provide enterprise visibility, alignment and accountability to help improve the execution of your corporate strategic initiatives? Don’t be one [...]

Maximize Portfolio Value with Accolade

This webinar covers Accolade for Portfolio Optimization Did you know Accolade can help your company’s decision makers optimize your organization’s portfolios based on a variety of factors such as resource availability, budget constraints and [...]

What's New in Accolade 12.2

Version 12.2 of our Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) solution is now available. Join us for a highlight of some of the new capabilities in this live webinar. You'll learn how Accolade 12.2 will help [...]

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Reference Tables Revisited

No, you read that correctly.  I haven't written a post about reference tables before, but I did intend to call this one "revisited". Most (if not all) Accolade customers have used reference tables in one [...]

Seldom-used Accolade Features

There are a few Accolade features I can name that I don't see customers using often.  I'd love to have a discussion with those customers who use these features, and how you implemented them, and [...]

Dynamically-named Portfolio Snapshots

Here's an interesting Accolade idea: Say, for instance, that you want to take a portfolio snapshot and name it dynamically based on the date when it's taken. In the Accolade Administrator's Guide, there is a [...]

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