Scott Bader boosts product portfolio value with Sopheon

Global manufacturer, Scott Bader, provides innovative composite, gelcoats, resins, structural adhesive, and functional polymer products. Employee-owned since 1951, the company employs approximately 700 people across six manufacturing sites and 11 offices.

With a desire to increase margins and reduce time-to-market on new products, Scott Bader sought a single innovation management system to achieve their goals. To meet the mission-critical objectives, more effective and earlier identification of high-value projects in the company’s product portfolio was essential.

The company turned to Sopheon to bring innovation governance to their teams, help make accurate portfolio investment decisions, and allocate the right resources to ultimately increase margins and reduce new product time-to-market.


The needs

  • Better project, resource and investment allocation processes
  • Streamlined gated process automation
  • Early and effective identification of high-value projects

The challenges

  • No common process for determining which projects should receive priority attention
  • Decision-making based on outdated and inconsistent product data points

How Sopheon helped

Scott Bader and Sopheon deployed Accolade, the leading innovation management system, based on its unique ability to align with their gated process. The company was able to adapt its process models to different project types. With Accolade, Scott Bader’s executive and development teams can now determine which projects are truly mission-critical to achieve their revenue targets and which should be killed prior to development.

Read the case study to see how Sopheon helped Scott Bader achieve:

  • A 50% reduction in the number of high-priority projects
  • A 30% increase in product portfolio value

What our clients say

“Accolade is the backbone of all our projects. Now we can cut and slice the data to better analyze it and set our priorities accordingly, based on predicted margins and relevant gate scores. Our product portfolio also reflects a better balance between projects with good short-term gains and those that would be considered ‘big wins’ for us. With Accolade, we can reassign resources on the fly in support of the most critical, strategic projects for our company.”
Roy Phillipps

Global R&D Director, Scott Bader


How can we help?

Gain complete visibility of your organization's innovation process, make smarter decisions, and improve your time-to-value. Accolade® by Sopheon is the innovation management product that empowers organizations to consistently identify, evaluate, and execute against the right strategic priorities.  Schedule a conversation with one of our innovation experts to see how Sopheon can help your organization

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