Mondelēz International and Sopheon: Launching transformative innovation

Mondelēz International’s enterprise innovation transformation story was told by Andre Dias Alves da Silva, Mondelēz Director Innovation I2M/IIM, and David Malik, Mondelēz Global I2M Commercialization Lead, during a Sopheon webinar. View the webinar here >

Mondelēz International is a global food and beverage leader with a stable of well-known brands like Cadbury, Oreo, and many other household names. The company faced the global disruption of COVID-19 head-on by deploying Sopheon software as a new, enterprise-wide platform for innovation portfolio and process management.

At the start of the pandemic, Mondelēz doubled down on its long-term strategy to accelerate consumer-centric growth. Part of this strategy involved replacing outmoded, disconnected systems and tools for innovation process management. The company needed a single solution for managing its innovation portfolio, resources, demand planning, and project execution.

In order to deliver products to market that exceed consumer expectations faster and more profitably, Mondelēz decided it could not simply automate its current innovation processes. The company needed to challenge its current processes and needed to do it quickly. Sopheon software is helping to meet this challenge.

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The needs

  • Accelerate response times to changing market conditions
  • Speed product commercialization
  • Manage risk and portfolio transparency

The challenges

  • Disconnected legacy systems hamper timely insights, decision-making and resource allocation
  • A lack of transparency to the innovation portfolio slows project management and complicates governance
  • Outdated and fragmented analytics create a lack of innovation project visibility across global teams

How Sopheon helped

In a typical year, Mondelēz conducts more than 6,500 product-related project activities. Using a gated process, the company identifies, defines and plans the resources allocated to these projects. However, without clear visibility to product strategy and insights, NPD decisions cannot be made based on real-time information.

Sopheon worked with Mondelēz International to deploy Accolade software rapidly, with a focus on driving adoption across the global enterprise. Together with Sopheon, Mondelēz International built the initial Accolade implementation in just nine weeks, followed by four weeks of testing and validation.

Building on the idea of creating a “single source of truth,” Mondelēz International and Sopheon addressed an immediate need: retiring outmoded processes and disconnected software solutions, then merging those functions into Accolade.

With Accolade, Mondelēz International will have 100 percent global visibility to all new product initiatives in the portfolio, enabling the company to allocate resources and prioritize the highest-value products. The entire global organization will now use a single source for information, product, project and portfolio management, enabling greater collaboration and efficiencies across product lines and business units.

What our clients say

Greg Cottichia - Sopheon

“Sopheon helped give our organization the capabilities to be able to drive projects and portfolio decisions based on real-time facts, not assumptions.”

David Malik

I2M global commercialization lead , Mondelēz International

“The beauty of Accolade is that we are really creating one single source of truth, not only for managing all our products, but also for managing our portfolio resources in the same location.”

Andre Dias Alves da Silva

Director Innovation I2M/IIM, Mondelēz

Benefits and addressing capability gaps

The full Welch’s story was told by Christine Kwiat, Vice President of Innovation, during a Sopheon and Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) webinar.


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