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In collaboration with a multinational consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, Sopheon embarked on a transformative journey to streamline ideation processes and enhance innovation efficiency. The client sought to leverage innovative tools to consolidate disparate idea management practices across its organization. Their commitment to fostering a culture of creativity and product innovation drove their partnership with Sopheon and a paid pilot of Acclaim Ideas.

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The needs

  • Streamline workflows and enhance collaboration
  • Align ideation processes toward common goals
  • Maximise the generation of high-impact ideas

The challenges

  • Lack of a rigorous filtration process for identifying top ideas 
  • Absence of a centralized platform for idea development and validation
  • Incomplete documentation of ideas for future reference and iteration
Acclaim Ideas

The outcomes

Through a strategic partnership with Sopheon, the client embarked on an eight-week pilot of Acclaim Ideas, aimed at revolutionizing its ideation processes. The pilot, focused on event-driven innovation challenges, aimed to test the efficacy of the Acclaim Ideas platform in enhancing ideation efficiency: 

  • Streamlined Ideation
  • Centralized Ideation Hub
  • Enhanced Visibility and Documentation
  • Strategic Roadmap
  • Future Expansion
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Ready for Acclaim Ideas?

Acclaim Ideas by Sopheon is an InnovationOps software that helps teams find, prioritize and validate new opportunities, to consistently discover great ideas.

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  • Accelerate the delivery of your best ideas
  • Measure ROI and innovation performance
  • Manage teams and stakeholders
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