Chemical manufacturing: Efficiency from discovery to launch

Global crop protection helps ensure that our farmers can feed the world. A trusted European player in specialty crop protection products has harnessed innovation to help navigate new registration and compliance processes and bring better efficiency across its enterprise.

The keys to product innovation success for the company are strategy and process alignment to aid regulatory compliance. This process is the responsibility of manufacturers and requires accurate and precise management to serve the needs of the industry and its customers.

However, the company required more than just a software project; it needed a process restructuring for its new product development function. Complex global companies like theirs require immense process innovation to achieve growth ambitions.

Sopheon began working with the company in 2015 to streamline the company’s innovation processes, simplify regulatory management and foster greater cross-functional collaboration across the organization.

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The needs

  • Portfolio strategy and process alignment
  • Accurate reporting on development and regulatory projects
  • Resource and business needs calibration

The challenges

  • Lack of detailed project information
  • Inconsistent data-sharing between cross-functional teams
  • Complex proposal review processes

How Sopheon helped

The company used Accolade® best practices, collaborative workflow, dashboard and idea submission features in a full-service implementation. The company’s investment in enterprise innovation management has helped to facilitate business growth management and a process for developing the right products at the right time. In addition, the company uses its innovation management capabilities to standardize and streamline its regulatory compliance with European Union regulations.

Accolade enables the company’s digital transformation strategy, managing both Stage-Gate® process efficiency and helping to inform data-driven, cross-functional strategies for growth. For example, research and development had once been distributed across different countries; today, it is centralized, market- and portfolio-driven. The company now has more reliable data to support its development budget and portfolio management capabilities.

Working together with the company, Sopheon helped design and implement:

  • Data conformity and accessibility
  • A streamlined Stage-Gate® process to guide projects from discovery to launch
  • Better budget and portfolio management and visibility
  • Simplified management of complex multi-country projects

What our experts say

“Harmonizing portfolio strategy and day-to-day practices has helped this customer focus on business growth and developing products that truly resonate. We’re proud to be part of their story.”
Danny Schuurman

Regional Director, Sopheon

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