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Your project management swiss army knife

Acclaim Projects gives product, innovation, and project managers the tools they need to deliver innovation and products on time and on budget.

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An image depicting the global dashboard of Sopheon's Acclaim Projects product.

Acclaim Projects is the command center for Project Management Offices.

It provides project assurance and informed decision-making throughout your project lifecycle.

An image of Acclaim Projects' resources dashboard, which teams can use to optimize utilization and capacity.
  • Deliver projects on-time and on-budget with a data driven planning and tracking tools
  • Minimize risk with real-time diagnostic tools to monitor project health
  • Reduce variance in outcomes by using the integrated change management workflow to control and manage schedules, costs, and resource utilization.
Acclaim Projects by Sopheon is a leader in Project Management on G2
Acclaim Projects by Sopheon is a leader in Project, Portfolio & Program Management on G2
Acclaim Projects by Sopheon is a leader in Project, Portfolio & Program Management on G2

Give your project planning and delivery teams the information and tools they need to be successful

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Project managers

Be confident that your plans are geared for success with real-time access to the cross-project resource, demand, and utilization

Project Managers are held accountable for project outcomes often without direct control of resources.

  • Align tasks and available resources
  • Get tools to monitor and improve project health
  • Provide visibility into project risks and issues; track and report on project spending with the right classification

PMO teams

Use out-of-the-box diagnostic tools to monitor projects and enforce common processes across multiple portfolios and business units

PMO and governance teams are often looked to as the enablers and auditors within the enterprise project management framework.

  • Effectively govern your project lifecycle using a visual workflow
  • Combine the workflow with real-time information to orchestrate and make critical decisions
  • Support your finance department effectively by using out-of-box CapEx reporting tools

Resource managers

Effectively balance resource workload and utilization

Maintaining the well-being of your team while ensuring that projects are getting the needed support requires information on skills, capacity, and planned tasks and priorities.

  • Increase awareness of overutilized resources
  • Provide to underperforming resources
  • Improve project performance by providing the right resources as planned


Acclaim Projects can help improve the performance of your product delivery process with data driven scheduling and monitoring tools

Innovation leaders

Increase confidence in the organization with data driven project planning and execution

In today’s age of global competition, the pace of innovation and time to market is critical.

  • Gain real-time visibility into your product development workflows
  • Set and meet launch dates with confidence
  • Work with project managers to effectively orchestrate work across product, engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and logistics

Finance leaders

Minimize financial risk with data-driven, real-time detailed diagnostics

Acclaim projects provides real-time access to project financials enabling finance leaders to make informed product line decisions on investments as well as prepare accurate financial forecasts.

  • Accrue and view spending as it happens
  • Tools to plan and track fixed costs
  • Auditors can count on the built-in ledger for each project for the single source of project spend

Portfolio managers

Confidently review and adjust your portfolio with Acclaim Projects as your task level data source

Acclaim Projects provides accurate and timely data to Sopheon’s flagship Accolade offering to monitor and curate your product portfolio

  • Seamless access to project plans and execution data
  • Drill down to view project health proactively to ensure the health of your portfolio
  • Projections on dates and spending provide an additional level of confidence at the portfolio level
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