Spiral Development: Lean vs. Stage-Gate®

/Spiral Development: Lean vs. Stage-Gate®

Spiral Development: Lean vs. Stage-Gate®

Too often, companies choose innovation methodologies with an “all or nothing” approach. The pendulum has swung toward Lean and Agile methodologies, sometimes casting Stage-Gate aside. Optimal results are derived from the best of BOTH worlds as part of an integrated best practice innovation toolkit.

In practice, Lean product development is mostly applied at a tactical level; in conjunction with the Stage-Gate methodology, it applies primarily to the way development work is completed within the stages.

This paper outlines the steps necessary for effective innovation management and the benefits of making Stage-Gate "Lean."

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About the Author:

Gerard Ryan
Gerard Ryan is Managing Director and Principal Consultant of Prodex Systems Australasia. Gerard is also the President of Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) Australia. Gerard is an experienced keynote speaker, principal consultant and trainer in systematic innovation governance throughout the Australasian region. For over 15 years, Gerard has focussed on inspiring and empowering businesses to implement innovation systems to grow their businesses. Gerard is passionate about bringing leading best practices to Prodex clients and building long-term relationships. http://prodex.com.au/