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Why future B2B NPD gated processes will look very different

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Part 1

How to optimize the front-end of your NPD process for B2B

New 2022 research shows how B2B-optimized voice-of-customer interviews in the front-end boost new product success. (Participants will receive a free copy of the 25-page research report).

  • See how to eliminate most commercial risk, leaving you with just technical risk.
  • Learn which VOC skills separate the winners from losers… and why they matter.
  • Bonus: Learn 10 advantages of “Virtual VOC”… and 8 tips to become a VVOC pro.

Part 2

How to decrease time-to-market while ensuring new products resonate

The benefits of infusing Voice of Customer insights into product innovation are clear, but how do you make the transition from ideation into new product development? A dynamic gated process organizes the new product development into a series of activities (phases) and decision points (gates). And automating that process greatly improves cross-functional alignment and accountability, inevitably increasing speed-to-market. See how, if executed correctly, gated decision-making can reduce risk and create funnels not tunnels, challenge status quo processes that need to evolve to be more adaptable and infuse “agile” processes into innovation planning. 


Part 3

How will gated NPD processes change in the future for leading B2B companies?

There’s much to like about gated NPD processes… but even more to improve. Learn how B2B companies can take their process to the next level to significantly drive organic growth. 

  • Learn 5 steps that will greatly increase your new product success rate.
  • See why your gate reviews should measure both Opportunity Quality and Execution Quality.
  • Bonus: See an example of a next-generation B2B-optimzed NPD process.


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Dan Adams

President and Founder
AIM Institute

Dan Adams is the Founder and President of The AIM Institute, and author of New Product Blueprinting: The Handbook for B2B Organic Growth. In over 35 years working within and with Fortune 500 corporations, he has explored all aspects of B2B innovation, building New Product Blueprinting from the ground up. He is a chemical engineer and holder of many patents and innovation awards, including a listing in the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Greg Cottichia - Sopheon

Greg Cottichia


Greg Coticchia was appointed CEO of Sopheon in March 2021 after joining the company as President in October 2020. An award-winning entrepreneur, business leader, professor and author with over thirty years’ experience in tech products and services, he has served as CEO, President and COO at numerous companies, and has been involved or responsible for over 100 product and solution launches. He is the founding Executive Director of Carnegie Mellon University’s Master’s Program in Product Management (MSPM).

Paul Heller

Chief Evangelist

Paul Heller has led technology strategy and product development for Sopheon since 1999. Today, his leadership helps Sopheon’s blue-chip client portfolio achieve high levels of success from their investments in innovation. Paul navigates the technology landscape for both Sopheon and its customers and identifies the business values linked to investments in innovation management systems and processes. He also advises executives on how to be more successful in innovation and regularly speaks and writes about innovation to business audiences.

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