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Webinar 1: How to approach sustainability on a corporate level

Focusing on sustainable product innovation is a strategy at heart. A lot of thought needs to go into the definition of sustainability objectives and how to approach them on a corporate level.

Sustainability governance involves setting goals, creating targets, defining ambitions, and making decisions. Public policies and regulations, as well as customer demands, play a significant role.

One needs to have documentation and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics to measure and report on sustainability efforts.

Together, with our guest speakers, we will dive into approaching sustainability on a corporate level. We’ll focus on:

  • How to embrace the tenets of sustainability —environmental, social, and governance
  • How to weave sustainability into your business strategy

About the presenters

Hugh Blethyn

Managing Consultant

Hugh joined Sopheon from the United Kingdom Royal Navy where, as a senior leader, he was never happier than when driving up operational capability, leading change and creating value for the front line. His 17 years in the Royal Navy saw him at the cutting edge of military innovation in operations across the globe as well as within the UK and NATO’s digital transformation programmes. These experiences prepared him well for the challenge of embedding innovative 'start-up' cultures and ecosystems within established organisations to maintain their competitiveness and enable effective information-led decision making. He resides in the Maastricht area in the Netherlands.

Dave MacAdam

Director, Portfolio Management

Dave MacAdam is Director, Portfolio Management for the Global R&D of Novelis. In this role, he focuses on the optimization of Novelis’ global R&D project portfolio, including portfolio and project governance, analytics, and business impact modeling. Prior to joining Novelis, Dave worked as an electrical engineer for 13 years in various aspects of semiconductor design, including product concept modeling, analysis, specification, and design. Dave received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo in Canada, and his MBA from Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta. He holds 13 patents in multiple areas of semiconductor design.

Dr. Jan Sueltemeyer

Global Sustainability Leader
Avient Corporation

Jan is a PhD Chemist, graduated from the University of Bonn / Germany. He started his career in CIBA Specialty Chemistry in Basel Switzerland in chemical process development in 2001, from 2004 onwards he took over various roles in product development and marketing in CIBA and later in BASF. In 2015 he joined Clariant as Global Head of Product Management and Innovation for Masterbatches. In 2019 he was appointed to the role of Global Head of Innovation and Sustainability. In July 2020 the Clariant Masterbatch Business was acquired by PolyOne and is now merged into one business under the name Avient. As Global Sustainability Leader in Avient, Jan leading Innovation & Sustainability initiatives and workstreams. In addition, he is co-chairing the Design For Circularity Thematic Expert Group in the Alliance To End Plastic Waste and he his member of the board of the Responsible Mica Initiative.

Hannah Keartland

Innovation Consultant

Hannah helps organizations develop an actionable roadmap, create a budget and resource plan, and identify quick wins to make sustainability part of their business identity. Hannah also finished a short course on business sustainability management at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership.

Dr. Sebastian Roos

Innovation Management

Dr. Roos holds a doctor’s degree in the field of graft copolymers synthesis. He has been overseeing Innovation Strategy & Management for several years and is now Consultant and Coach of Research Development & Innovation - Steering - Portfolio & Processes at Evonik.

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