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Is agile killing Stage-Gate®?

This is a question that is on the minds of many people. Stage-Gate® can appear waterfall in nature and therefore can seem in conflict with the Agile methodology. Both methodologies are targeted at reducing risk but do so in very different ways. Stage-Gate® adds a level of rigor that can seem counter-productive to people working in an Agile process, with some people doing everything they can to avoid it. And Agile processes can seem too “loose” for those who require the structure of Stage-Gate®, a misperception that can lead to friction in the other direction.

Watch as Paul explores these two methodologies and how they can both complement and conflict with each other. He discusses strengths and weaknesses of each and identifies where and how they can be used together to achieve a better end-result than either alone.

Interested in learning more about these methodologies? Listen to this episode of Innovation+Talks with Paul.


Paul Heller

Chief Evangelist

Paul Heller has led technology strategy and product development for Sopheon since 1999. Today, his leadership helps Sopheon’s blue-chip client portfolio achieve high levels of success from their investments in innovation. Paul navigates the technology landscape for both Sopheon and its customers and identifies the business values linked to investments in innovation management systems and processes. He also advises executives on how to be more successful in innovation and regularly speaks and writes about innovation to business audiences.

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