Presented by: Huub Rutten, VP of Product Research and Design and co-founder of Sopheon
Steve Rogers, Research and Application Development at Sopheon

Join us for an insightful live discussion around the impact of good market segmentation on product portfolio decision-making and the inter-dependencies between these two innovation management processes.

During this session, you will learn:

  • How to manage your Market Segmentation as a Portfolio of Segments
  • How does your Segmentation give direction to the decision making around Innovation
  • How a lack of good Market Segmentation will slow down your early innovation steps

How do you connect strategic planning views to real-world project activities? How do market segmentation decisions make a difference in the Gate meeting? Join Huub Rutten and Steve Rogers as they discuss real-life practical tips that include showing the potential benefits you could see within your organization.

This webinar won’t tell you what your market segmentation should be, but you will receive insight on the strategic importance of developing a plan and what the impact on your business performance is likely to be.

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About the Presenters


Huub RuttenVP of Product Research and Design and co-founder of Sopheon
Huub Rutten has more than 20 years experience in linguistics and language management. Rutten combines his linguistics and information technology (IT) expertise to innovate the use of language management technology within knowledge-intensive business processes.

Steve RogersSenior Innovation Consultant
Steve Rogers is a Sopheon business consultant. He has more than 20 years of experience in creating and implementing business process solutions for innovation. He has constructed best-in-class product innovation systems for major corporations in a range of industries including consumer goods, food and beverage, chemicals, aerospace and defense, television and hi-tech.

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