Presented by: Paul O'Connor, Founder/Managing Director, The Adept Group

As your organization strives to optimize its portfolio mix, it is critical to ensure the right projects enter the development pipeline. Establishing a cross-functional product line roadmapping process is key to helping your organization create specific targets to generate and identify the right projects to be part of your portfolio. By deriving innovation targets from product line roadmapping, your organization can bring focus to concept creation and realize bigger, better projects in the development portfolio.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • What are product line roadmaps?
  • How can roadmapping connect the entire innovation lifecycle – through strategic planning, process management and portfolio optimization?
  • How can roadmaps align your innovation strategy to execution?
  • What are the benefits to implementing product line roadmapping?
  • How can my organization take the next best step to successful

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About the Presenter

Paul O’ConnorFounder/Managing Director, The Adept Group
As the founder and managing director of The Adept Group, Paul will share insights based on 30+ years of helping product development organizations improve their productivity. A leading voice in the discipline of product line roadmapping, Paul is widely published, teaches a wide range of master courses and workshops, and is a frequent speaker at professional organization meetings and corporate seminars.
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