Unlocking the Secrets Behind Stage-Gate® Metrics

/Unlocking the Secrets Behind Stage-Gate® Metrics

Unlocking the Secrets Behind Stage-Gate® Metrics

Presented by: Paul Gould, Director for Cytec Industries Inc.

PLM software can produce good quality data about the health of your Stage-Gate® process. But how do you get past the metrics to truly understand the underlying behaviors and processes that drive real, profitable innovation – and then implement positive change?

This presentation showcases one company’s journey beyond the metrics and a discovery of the human aspects that generate them.

By attending this live, online event you will learn:

  • Why and when you should go beyond a focus on sustaining reliable metrics
  • How to launch a “beyond the metrics” investigation process
  • What you can expect to find during your investigation
  • How to implement your findings to create a continuous stream of innovative products

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About the Presenter

Paul Gould
Paul GouldDirector for Cytec Industries Inc.
Paul managed Cytec's Project Management Office (PMO) for Innovation since 2005. During his 28-year career, he has held positions in sales, marketing, market development, process automation, engineering and information technology. He has won several awards for innovation in the areas of expert systems and process control. Paul has 15 years of project management experience and is a registered Project Management Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Cytec Industries Inc. is a global specialty chemicals and materials company focused on developing, manufacturing and selling value-added products. Their offerings serve a diverse range of end markets including aerospace, adhesives, automotive and industrial coatings, chemical intermediates, inks, mining and plastics.

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