Sopheon Customer Training

Sopheon training offers scheduled and personalized customer training classes on the Accolade solution. Sopheon customer training covers the entire Accolade innovation and new product development (NPD) solution from an application perspective for end-users and process owners and a technical perspective for system administrators.

Our training staff is made up of experienced, hands-on practitioners who work with customers on implementation, consulting and support engagements.

The personalized Sopheon training programs are tailored to each customer’s specific needs, whether general product training, in-depth innovation processes, or upgrading to the most recent release of the Accolade solution. The personalized Sopheon customer training can be scheduled according to customer availability.

Training is regularly carried out in Sopheon’s Denver and Maastricht offices, and is also available at other Sopheon locations depending on demand.

Another convenient option for our customers is on-site training at the customer location that can be personalized to match individual needs or serve a larger audience in your company.

For more information and details about upcoming Sopheon training classes for Accolade customers, please complete and submit the form below:

Note: Sopheon training classes are only available to registered Accolade customers.

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