Improving the front end of innovation processes enables consumer brands to dramatically increase new product success rates and profitability. This Top Ten list is based on Sopheon and Kalypso’s work with some of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. It enables consumer goods companies to develop bigger and better ideas and concepts, and therefore generate bigger and better business results from innovation.

When consumer packaged goods maker Kimberly-Clark applied these principles to their front end of innovation processes, the results were nothing short of dramatic: a 75 percent increase in the value of their innovation portfolio and expansion of their number of billion dollar brands from ?ve to seven. They are already on their way to ten.

(These same principles are, incidentally, embedded in a joint solution offered by Kalypso and Sopheon called FEI Optimizer, which comprises best-in-class software from Sopheon and expert consulting services from Kalypso.)

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