Another year has come and gone. 2018 brought with it some great conversations, from customer-led webinars on their innovation journey to Sopheon CEO Andy Michuda speaking with Proactive Investors about where we've been as a company and where we're going.

There remains an urgency for enterprises to change and embrace digitalization for true digital transformation. To transform, organizations must change the way they plan and the way they operate. Here's a look back at some of the insights 2018 brought us.

Land O’Lakes Journey: Aligning Strategy with Portfolio Management for Innovation Success

Watch time: 57 minutes

Product innovation begins with a strategy and ends with the successful launch of a new product or service. Alignment between strategy and portfolio management, clarity of goals, real-time metrics--combined with efficient tools and processes--go hand-in-hand to implement successful product introductions.

Watch as experienced innovation experts Jenny Tang-Bulk and Theresa Schaefer of Land O'Lakes share what you need to know to align strategy and portfolio management for a successful innovation journey.


Accolade Overview

Watch time: 1 minute 30 seconds

See how Accolade helps our customers outperform peers, be innovation leaders and close the strategy execution gap in this brief overview.

Integrate Strategic Planning with Portfolio Management

Watch time: 54 minutes

As the art of portfolio management evolves, innovators face a common challenge: aligning the pipeline of their investments with product strategy.

Sopheon's Craig Bangham and Michael Tulaney discuss how strategic planning can help you manage your portfolio. Hosted by Innovation Leader, this master class explores different approaches to structuring portfolios, constructing portfolio data models and creating a workable governance model to ensure alignment.


Innovation Overdrive: Align the Moving Parts with Speed and Agility

Watch time: 40 minutes

The automotive industry is undergoing complete disruption.

Globalization, consolidation of industry players, increasing government regulations, consumer demand for electric and autonomous vehicles sporting radically new technological features — not to mention fierce, new breed competitors offering new-to-the-world innovations — are disrupting this long-established market.

Don’t just survive the change. Thrive in it!

Learn how Sopheon partners with companies like yours to bring transparency to strategic and operational processes, increase cross-functional collaboration, and ensure innovation and R&D initiatives successfully drive achievements towards growth goals.


Expanding Sopheon’s Footprint and Seizing Growth Opportunities

Watch time: 9 minutes

Andy Michuda, Sopheon President and CEO, tells Proactive Investors how Sopheon is just now really starting to get out and tell our story after focusing on proving up and demonstrating Accolade, our flagship Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) software.

Digitization Trends in Germany

Watch time: 7 minutes

Sopheon’s Hans-Cristian Eppich speaks to the digitization trend within larger organizations in Germany and how Accolade can add measurable value. Please note, this interview is in German with English subtitles.

During this interview your will learn:

  • What is Accolade what it can do for businesses
  • The big digitization trend within larger companies in Germany
  • How Accolade can add measurable value to the big companies in Germany but also those in the SME sector



With 2018 gone we can't wait for what 2019 has in-store for us and our customers! Want more great content? Visit our Resource Center.

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