Sustaining an Innovation Pipeline Through Successful Idea Management

/Sustaining an Innovation Pipeline Through Successful Idea Management

Sustaining an Innovation Pipeline Through Successful Idea Management

Presented by: Nadine Elbadramany, Bank of America

Increasingly, companies compete based on the speed at which they can discover, develop and implement ideas for new products and services. Bank of America, one of the world's largest financial institutions, also regarded as one of the industry’s most productive innovators, generates a constant stream of ideas to spur revenue growth. Attend this webinar to hear about how they have achieved success with their enterprise idea management program.

During this free online event you will learn:

  • Best practices for establishing an idea management program
  • Key components of maintaining an enterprise idea program
  • Proven methods for effectively managing an idea pipeline
  • The benefits of successful idea management

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About the Presenter

Nadine Elbadramany
Nadine ElbadramanyBank of America
Nadine Elbadramany has been with Bank of America for approximately four years. She is responsible for enterprise idea management including process design, consulting, technology, metrics reporting and management routines. Her background includes systems analysis and engineering management. She also serves as the President of the Charlotte, North Carolina Alumni Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers.
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