Manage Strategic Initiatives to Accomplish Goals

To truly realize leadership plans, top-down strategic initiatives must be digitally connected to bottom-up operational activities. This creates alignment for action between executives, leaders and collaborative team members. With visibility to strategic initiative progress – or lack thereof – course corrections can quickly be made.


Make Your Transformational Aspirations Real

Others Are

Only 13% of corporate strategic plans are realized.1

Only 56% of a company’s funded initiatives supporting the strategy are considered successful.2

Visibility Enables Faster, Better Decisions

Effective organizations are transforming how they operate and are investing in end-to-end software like Accolade to realize digital strategy. By digitally connecting their strategic initiatives with operational execution activities, companies have a single version of the truth that creates visibility, alignment and accountability to close the strategy-execution gap.

Thanks to better decisions and more visibility, outcomes like organizational capabilities, technologies, and products can be developed faster.

Gain the Advantage with Accolade

“Accolade will help us navigate change more effectively as an organization, and streamline our daily work on a team and personal level so we can move the business forward more quickly.”
Richard Herd, Director of Program Management Tools, Strategy & Deployment, Honeywell

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1 “Thirteeners: Why Only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy--and How Yours Can Be One of Them”, Daniel F. Prosser, 2015. 2 The Economist

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