The digitalization journey: The final steps

Sensors, data-management applications and the cloud all play a role in successful digitalization

In Food Engineering's March cover story on the digital journey of a food and beverage facility, they looked primarily at planning and executing a successful implementation of digital techniques to improve processes, make them more efficient and glean actionable information from them. They also looked at plant and device-level networking (the backbone of a successful transformation) and company culture (especially the IT-OT face-off) and considered whether the digitalization journey required a “rip-and-replace” of sensors, networking, controllers and other equipment.

Fortunately, there are several options to rip-and-replace, and they began to look at an overlay approach, which means keeping what’s in place and adding new sensing and data concentrating devices that can be used separately from the existing sensor networks. Food Engineering delves into more detail on sensors, then looks at what applications can make use of this data (e.g., MES, ERP, etc.).

Finally, they look at the role of the “cloud” in the digital transformation, and what opportunities it lends to food and beverage processors. In addition, they’ll look briefly at some successful implementations so you can see how this digitalization journey can help you arrive at the outcomes to make your business successful. Read about the implementations to see Land O'Lakes success and a quote from Sopheon's Bryan Seyfarth.

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