Enjoy Faster Time-to-Value with Accolade Accelerators

Fast-track the implementation and adoption of innovation and new product development (NPD) processes and improve time-to-value by leveraging Accolade Accelerators.

Built on Sopheon's deep domain expertise gleaned from 250+ implementations for some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies, Accolade Accelerators deliver innovation process best practices, structure and rigor that quickly improve business performance.


Best Practice, Best Performance

A library of highly configurable models and ready-to-use templates give you flexibility while compressing implementation timelines. Get your organization started quickly with established metrics, deliverable templates, and cross-functional activities that combine for a complete best-practice innovation system.

With Accolade Accelerators, your business can:

  • Speed innovation process implementation and accelerate your time-to-value.

  • Connect innovation investments with your strategic goals.

  • Maximize the value of your program, product and project portfolio investments.

  • Promote business-wide process adoption.

  • Coordinate market, product, technology and project plans across all initiatives and time horizons.

  • Leverage what-if investment scenarios to make adjustments, measure performance and maximize business success.

Three Collections, Unlimited Value

There are three sets of Accolade Accelerators that provide critical governance and decision-making support at every step of the innovation lifecycle.

Get Started

Whether you’re already an industry-leading innovator or are just beginning the implementation of a structured product planning and development process, Accolade Accelerators can help your organization drive continuous process improvement and achieve greater returns from innovation and R&D investments.

At Sopheon, we know innovation processes. Let us partner with you to implement the optimal processes for your organization’s unique needs. Contact us today and we’ll connect you with an Accolade Accelerators expert.


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