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Accelerate Innovation Process Implementation with Sopheon's Best Practices

Sopheon’s Accolade® Accelerators help organizations improve the time-to-value for innovation process implementation. The faster implementation using proven best practices enables you to more effectively manage and control your new product development (NPD) and innovation processes and lifecycles to achieve maximum business impact.

Building on Sopheon's deep domain expertise and working with some of the world’s largest companies and renowned innovators, these Accelerators provide organizations with best practices, innovation process structure and rigor that lead to improved innovation and business performance results.

Using Sopheon's Accolade Accelerators, you can:

  • Speed innovation process implementation and accelerate time-to-value.
  • Connect your innovation and new product development investments with strategic goals.
  • Maximize the value of your product and project portfolio investments.
  • Coordinate market, product, technology and project plans across all initiatives and time horizons.
  • Measure the performance of decisions and make adjustments to achieve maximum performance.
Promote enterprise-wide innovation process adoption with Innovation Process Accelerator
Highly configurable process models including multiple Stage-Gate® processes and ready-to-use templates give you flexibility while compressing implementation times and promoting adoption of proven innovation processes. You can get started immediately with established metrics, deliverables and activities providing a proven process for your innovation projects.

Sopheon's Accolade Innovation Process Accelerator

Sopheon’s Innovation Process Accelerator helps you ensure that your innovation processes are successfully implemented and used throughout the enterprise.
Improve portfolio decision-making with Portfolio Management Accelerator
Optimization and prioritization templates and metrics for best practices can quickly help you identify the important portfolio decisions and investments to meet your market and business goals. You can speed up your innovation process implementation and immediately take advantage of the powerful strategic scenario management and decision support.

Solutions Product Accolade Accelerators

Sopheon’s Portfolio Management Accelerator includes best-practices to easily define strategic revenue targets, market penetration goals, and make the right investment decisions.
Jump start your long-term planning with Roadmapping Accelerator
Roadmapping is used to develop synchronized market, product and technology strategic plans for long-term, transformational business goals. The graphical interface provides an intuitive means to create, maintain, communicate and visualize the interlinked plans. Accelerator templates provide you with proven best practices and processes to produce effective long-term plans.

Solutions Roadmapping Accelerators

Sopheon’s Roadmapping Accelerator provides the means to establish key relationships between markets, products and technologies across your organization.
Whether you are just beginning implementation of a structured product planning and implementation process or are already an industry-leading innovator, Accolade Accelerators can help you effect continuous process improvement and achieve greater business impact from your product innovation investments.

Learn more about accelerating time-to-value with Accolade Best-Practice Accelerators:

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