Interested in strategic and composite roadmapping? Then you'll want to see the on-demand videos of the popular Strategic Roadmapping Series.

Presented by Dr. Irene Petrick and Russ Martinelli of Trendscape Innovation Group, and Iain King of Sopheon, they steer you through the power of strategic roadmapping, enabling you to gain a deep understanding of the non-obvious problems that will need to be solved in the future for your end-users so that you can develop products that matter.

Roadmapping Series Webinars

Check out the conversation on Twitter where you can review the webinar live chats with the hashtag #roadmappingseries.

Roadmapping the Future from the Outside In
Irene and Russ introduce proven Strategic Roadmapping techniques that enable strategic thinkers to envision breakthrough innovation opportunities through the lens of market insights and user experience.
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The Power of Problem Finding and Storytelling
This webinar shows how Strategic Roadmapping is used to look past what we know to focus on, what we can imagine to break the cycle of incremental innovation, and how storytelling techniques uncover strategies to capitalize on the future problems identified.
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Composite Roadmaps: Key to Integrated Strategy
See how to build powerful Composite Roadmaps that drive the harmonious and strategic interplay between functions and partners required to bring innovative solutions to market.
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