An Introduction to Strategic Roadmapping

March 11th, 2016|

Roadmapping has emerged as a best practice for aligning business functions with corporate strategy and projecting with precision into the future. But what does product or technology “roadmapping” involve?

Strategic roadmapping enables decision-makers to gain a multidimensional view into the future and manipulate planning data to [...]

Enterprise Innovation Management Solutions Landscape—Connecting the Dots

December 18th, 2015|

Sustaining profitable business growth is difficult for established enterprises in today’s networked economy. Good ideas can emerge from anywhere, and the next big competitor could even be a start-up, as in the example of Airbnb in the hospitality industry. In this environment, enterprises need to reevaluate their approach [...]

Driving Innovation from the Top Floor to the Shop Floor – Crossing the Chasm in Strategic Business Alignment

March 19th, 2014|

In today’s global economy, companies have no choice but to innovate, and to innovate more effectively. But what are the right processes and decisions to meet your strategic objectives?

Many companies have successfully invested in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions to define and manage how to [...]

The difference between Sopheon’s Accolade and Microsoft Project Server

December 20th, 2013|

Sopheon’s Accolade innovation governance solution offers proven methods and best-practice based capabilities that enable business leaders to align strategic decision-making and innovation process execution. The result is more efficient use of resources, fewer failed projects, and more high-value new products.

Accolade’s capacity for deep integration to [...]

Enterprise Innovation Performance: Sopheon Accolade® and Microsoft® SharePoint®

August 21st, 2013|

While at first blush it may seem that there is overlap between SharePoint and Accolade for innovation, that overlap is actually rather small.

Accolade is an Enterprise Innovation Performance solution from Sopheon specifically designed to support the end-to-end innovation management process lifecycle. It includes functionality [...]

How to Integrate Enterprise Cost Savings with New Product Development and Innovation Programs

August 18th, 2013|

Rising raw material costs. Pricing pressure. Economic uncertainty. Profit margins squeezed. For most companies, factors such as these have made the need to drive down costs and improve profitability a top strategic priority.

But how can you maintain momentum for innovation and new product development initiatives [...]

Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Growth Through Innovation in Consumer Goods Markets: Making Product Portfolio Management Real

August 10th, 2013|

Product portfolio management determines the innovation investments businesses will fund—and those they won’t—in order to achieve performance goals. For consumer goods firms, these investment options extend across the entire innovation lifecycle and include early-stage ideas, new product concepts, development or commercialization initiatives, and in-market products.

It [...]

The Top Ten Ways for Consumer Goods Companies to Transform the Front End of Innovation

August 9th, 2013|

Improving the front end of the innovation process enables consumer brands to dramatically increase new product success rates and profitability. This Top Ten list is based on Sopheon and Kalypso’s work with some of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. It enables consumer goods companies [...]

Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Market Differentiation: Turning Great Ideas Into Great Products

August 8th, 2013|

The success of idea generation efforts cannot be measured solely in terms of quantity; rather, success should be determined by the business value of the best ideas brought forward. Most companies suffer from a lack of high-value projects in their portfolios, and would prefer 20 [...]