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Managing the Life of Your Product

December 6th, 2010|

Product lifecycle management, or PLM, is first and foremost a business discipline, the goal of which is to eliminate waste and improve efficiency. All too often, though, PLM solutions only address the technical or production layer - not the business decision-making that proceeds the actual manufacture of a product. This article from The Manufacturer attempts to outline the importance of PLM as one of four cornerstones processes for [...]

Developing and Implementing Roadmaps – A Reference Guide

December 2nd, 2008|

This white paper from roadmapping expert, Dr. Irene Petrick, provides a detailed overview of the process of roadmapping, including how to incorporate market and technology information into the product innovation process, and best practices for wide-spread adoption. [...]

Sustainable Enterprise Roadmapping: Key Success Factors

June 17th, 2008|

This white paper, from strategic product roadmapping expert Dr. Phil Whalen, outlines the impact that a strategic, disciplined roadmapping process can have on strengthening an organization's product and technology development process. [...]

Bridging the Gap: Achieving High Performance in Product Portfolio Management

May 30th, 2008|

This white paper from Accenture highlights the fact that the most successful way to optimize an organization's product portfolio is to connect market priorities, new technologies, and the company's core competencies, value set, and long-term goals. [...]

The Roadmap for Innovation Success

April 9th, 2008|

This white paper from PRTM recounts the steps organizations need to take to establish a systematic approach to product innovation management based on a recent survey of senior executives worldwide. [...]

Fundamentals of Technology Roadmapping

January 14th, 2008|

This report from Sandia National Laboratories focuses on the value of formalizing the process of strategic technology roadmapping and the benefits that it can deliver. [...]

Winning at New Products: Pathways to Profitable Innovation

January 13th, 2008|

This white paper, from innovation process expert and Stage-Gate® process creator Dr. Robert Cooper, explores key tactics that companies are employing to achieve higher returns on their new product development investments. [...]

The Product Portfolio Management Benchmark Report: Achieving Maximum Product Value

August 28th, 2006|

This white paper from the AberdeenGroup outlines best practices in product portfolio management (PPM), the importance of adopting a structured innovation process, and how enabling technology is helping companies achieve significant innovation success. [...]