Innovation and New Product Development (NPD) Q&A with Bob Cooper

During a recent webinar titled The Five Most Important Drivers of Success in Product Innovation – That Most People Get Wrong! with Dr. Robert Cooper, President of the Product Development Institute Inc., he fielded a number of audience questions. Bob is also the creator [...]

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Technology Development and Open Innovation

Companies with complex products or processes are frequently engaged at a given moment in a number of activities which can be described in terms of technology development, open innovation or both. In my experience, it is advantageous to link some of these by implementing a [...]

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Searching for Business Intelligence with Text Mining Techniques

In a recent blog post, I began this theme with a brief discussion of how text mining can help find white spaces for discovery and intelligence. This post is about how with help of text mining techniques you can transform masses of “unstructured” data [...]

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Chief Innovation Officer Summit (CINO) Debrief: Back to the Innovation Future

Recently, I presented at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit (CINO).  I have wondered for some time how the market would differentiate between the two CIO titles and roles that have evolved in the corporate world. The traditional CIO stood for Chief Information Officer of [...]

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R&D Spend Does Not Equate to Being Innovative

The Annual Global Innovation 1000 Study by Booz & Company includes a list of the companies with the highest R&D spending. Forbes magazine did investment related research into these top R&D spenders and concluded that contrary to popular belief, companies that spend more on [...]

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The Innovation Exchange: Five Lessons in Improving Execution from PepsiCo, Kimberly-Clark and J.M. Smucker

While establishing innovation and new product development process is no easy feat, effective execution and adoption of practices is even more difficult. Time and again, leading consumer goods companies recognize they need more from their innovation investments.

To address this, Sopheon and Kalypso facilitated an exchange [...]

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The Misdirected Guidance of “Portfolio Balance”

Here is a simple message for all NPD and R&D managers and likewise for all Chief Innovation Officers.  This message is especially important for PMO’s with responsibility for analyzing a path forward for portfolios of new product development projects. [...]

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Stage-Gate® – The Origin, Status Quo and Its Future

Stage-Gate recently celebrated its 30th birthday. We felt this would be a good occasion to take a closer look at where Stage-Gate comes from, its role and status today, and whether there is a future for this methodology. You cannot find a better person to [...]

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Why Leaderboards Should Be Used Sparingly, If at All

I’ve seen many leaderboards used in idea management systems through the years that promote things like the top idea contributor or who has the best reputation and the like, all with the hope of driving or encouraging user participation. I won’t say that these tools [...]

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New Product Development Product Line Roadmapping

Focusing and Amplifying Innovation

Product Line Strategizing and Roadmapping (PLSR) is a powerful process. Smart managers use this process to coordinate and accelerate work that pulls together and creates critical insights related to a line of products. This might sound simple and straight-forward, but in practice, [...]

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