Achieving Agility in Consumer Goods Innovation

By Bryan Seyfarth, Director Consumer Goods, Sopheon

Today’s food, beverage and CPG manufacturers face a turbulent and daunting market environment. Dramatically shifting consumer preferences, demographic changes, new paths to distribution, and new technologies mean consumer firms are more challenged than ever to keep up. However, one [...]

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“I Want To Do What He Did!”

Not long ago, a client found out I was the creator of an early viral video campaign she had admired back in the Dark Ages (2006). When I told her about the business results, her jaw dropped. She insisted on doing something similar and asked [...]

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Discrete Versus Process Manufacturing Innovation

I am often asked by customers what the difference is between discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing. One simple answer is to look at the way the end product is created. In discrete manufacturing, identical products are created, typically in an assembly line. The discrete parts [...]

Beyond Stage-Gate

Since the very beginning in the 1980s, Stage-Gate® has evolved many times. At the beginning, Stage-Gate was a process to ensure project teams did their projects right. One important finding from the early days has been the significant emphasis on the early or “homework” stages.

Over [...]

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What’s Your Innovation Sweet Spot?

Lately, it seems like most innovation writers scorn sustaining innovation, those incremental product changes that enable marketers to flag their products as New and Improved! Apple is everyone’s poster child for its mastery of disruptive innovation and its ability to repeatedly invent new markets. CEOs [...]

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Are You Searching for the Right Idea or the Right People?

Every serious innovation program should have some form of system in place to solicit and find ideas that will help the organization to achieve its goals. These systems, if used properly are very effective at finding nuggets or premature concepts that can be fed into [...]

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Is Your Organization Enlightened or Reckless?

Many experts would suggest that innovation is the heart of an organization. Without healthy innovation, eventually the company will cease to thrive and possibly even die. How do you know if the health of your innovation is suffering? Most likely, there will be an unfavorable [...]

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Innovation Club U3

In a prior role, I was responsible for leading a bottom-up innovation program at a large Fortune 50. Although I had top level support, the culture of the company at the time was such that the initiative was structured to be bottom-up. I had to [...]

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Strategic Portfolio Planning and Resource Prioritization

Preparing for an upcoming portfolio review? Then it is important to check whether sufficient progress has been made on the top innovative initiatives. Or has development been slower than planned, because the targets set in the strategic portfolio have been affected by the leakage of [...]

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Dream Beyond the Here and Now to Innovate

One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein

I live [...]

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