Quantifying the Generation Plan

/Quantifying the Generation Plan

Quantifying the Generation Plan

Presented by: Johan Skåntorp Vice President Global Product Planning Electrolux Floor Care and Small Appliances

Three years ago, Electrolux, the world’s leading manufacturer of household appliances, instituted a series of steps to change the organizational culture from being engineering-driven to truly customer-focused. The company now uses a series of innovation metrics to measure unmet consumer needs and how well new products meet them; how products are developed and launched; and whether the right product and marketing managers are in the right functional positions to support these larger initiatives.

In this online event, Johan Skåntorp, Vice President Global Product Planning for Electrolux’s Floor Care and Small Appliances division, will share what his organization is doing to examine the total business impact of its innovation initiatives, including how bottom-up portfolio management supports top-down business goals and the importance of evaluating the future product portfolio using direct, quantifiable measurements to determine projected growth from new products.

After this Webinar, you will know how to:

  • Streamline your processes for developing new products to increase your return on innovation and improve profit margins
  • Implement step changes that can dramatically impact your organization, such as knowing WHICH products to develop and WHY
  • Develop products that build on global platforms to drive down cost and lead to quicker time-to-profit
  • Identify collaborative tools that can assist in speeding process maturity in your organization

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About the Presenter

Johan Skåntorp
Johan SkåntorpVice President Global Product Planning Electrolux Floor Care and Small Appliances
Johan Skåntorp is Vice President Global Product Planning of Electrolux Floor Care and Small Appliances, a division within AB Electrolux, a world-leading producer of appliances and equipment for kitchen and cleaning.

After graduating from Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology in 1987, he has held several managerial positions for Electrolux within product development, product management, IT service management and strategic planning. During this time, his work has revolved around managing profitable creation of products and services based on customer needs, as well as the mid-to-long-term pipeline of future innovation to support the multiple brand strategy of Electrolux.

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