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Hear how innovation leaders are responding to Covid-19

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At the beginning of lockdown, we reached out to our community and brought together a group of innovation leaders, consultants and specialists to chat about how the pandemic was impacting them, their businesses, and their clients.

Every week since then we've hosted a weekly meet up to support each other and share our journey as the coronavirus crisis unfolded.

Over the weeks the conversation has flowed from the future of work, the impact of virtual working and learning on innovation, and how to create an effective innovation culture, to what does innovation even mean and how do we define it?

We recorded the Zoom calls and when we watched them back we realised there was so much great advice it could help others... and our first podcast was created!

The group is still going strong, and there's been so much great advice, information, and support shared that we have four episodes available with many more to come. 

I host each episode and I wanted to thank all those who have contributed so far for letting us broadcast their musings and insights! Guests have included:

Steven Kainth, Chief Curiosity Officer at Elluminate

Bastiaan Saris, Divisional Head of Innovation EMEA and APAC at Molson Coors Beverage Company

Aimee Skinner, Innovation Manager at Future Space

Mike Zeidler, Director at Collaborative Places UK

James Lemon, Founder & CEO at The Growth Works

Cecilia Thirlway, Strategic Communications Consultant

Marc Woodland, Managing Director at Future Content

Philippa Haynes, Brand Strategy Consultant

Nick Dean, Managing Director at ADLIB recruitment

James Snelgrove, Innovation and Growth Specialist at Business West

Nick Parker, Council Chair and Trustee at The RSA

Cris Beswick, Co-Founder of OUTCOME

Katherine Allan, Founder at KSK Consulting

Marissa Ellis, Founder and CEO at Diversily

There's now a fourth episode, focusing on the role of communication in creating an effective innovation culture, with a bit of chat about robots too.

You can listen to all four episodes here now. If you're interested in taking part, then request to join the Mothers of Invention LinkedIn Group and leave a message there.

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