Presented by: Mike Tennity, Managing Consultant, Stage-Gate International & Iain King, Senior Innovation Management Consultant, Sopheon

Join Mike Tennity, Managing Consultant for Stage-Gate International, and Iain King, Senior Innovation Consultant for Sopheon, as they explore the principles of lean and fast new product development (NPD) within your organization. With today's rapidly evolving markets, flexibility and effectiveness of product development processes are crucial to cope with increasing pressure for faster time-to-market. Mike and Iain explore propelling beyond the traditionally-defined Stage-Gate process to improve the speed, agility, predictability and timeliness for lean NPD.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to tailor and streamline your process, giving you the flexibility teams need to create “fit for purpose” execution

  • The key facts required to drive faster, more efficient decision making

  • Where to apply simple rules of governance to speed up decision making while reducing bureaucracy

  • How dynamic planning ensures that initiatives are started on time to meet the market requirements

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About the Presenters

Mike TennityManaging Consultant
As Managing Consultant for the Stage-Gate International USA’s Value Center, Mike specializes in solutions to drive enterprise value through innovation and new product development. Mike is an experienced adviser and team leader in the areas of New Product Development, Design, and Portfolio Management. Category experience includes professional products, furniture, design services, business equipment, consumer packaged goods and software. Career highlights include successful stints at Eastman Kodak, as the Director for their pioneering Corporate Design Center, and VP of Design and Development for KI. He has built and led design teams to highly successful, award-winning portfolios, has designed and implemented new product development systems and best practices at the enterprise level, practiced and coached product management, and integrated design operations to overall business management. His extensive experience and practical approach provides the ability to manage change throughout large and small enterprises, and create structures and solutions that generate sustainable performance improvement.

Iain KingGlobal Enterprise Services Leader, Sopheon
Iain King has over 15 years of experience designing and implementing knowledge-based innovation solutions. A certified New Product Development Professional, he has worked with leading companies throughout the world to assess and improve the performance of their innovation management and governance processes.

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