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Why innovation fails – governance, budget and methodologies


HC Eppich is the Business Development Director for Sopheon. He speaks to companies across various industries about futureproofing their current portfolios and achieving more revenue with new business. He has a background as a product manager with twenty years of experience in knowledge management solutions. HC has held senior positions with German companies such as Beratung für erfolgreiches Scheitern, Planview, and Cordys Deutschland AG. HC has an engineering degree in computer science and information technology. HC joins me today to discuss why innovation fails and the governance, budget, and methodologies that can make it a great time to innovate. HC shares the most significant challenges that businesses and senior management face on a portfolio and project level. He reveals the practices that slow down the time to market and the methodology that will reduce this. HC highlights what mid-size companies can learn and adopt from large companies' successes, including their best practices and use of technology. HC also shares why leaders need to move from an ego-state to an ecosystem mindset, where product exploration and exploitation are effectively managed.

“Every success builds on failure, and that’s just inherent in new stuff.” - HC Eppich

This week on Innovation Talks:
  • HC’s first success in implementing knowledge management systems, saving a large German car manufacturer 50% on their failure elimination process
  • The top challenges businesses face, including management’s fear to take hard decisions on a portfolio level of projects
  • The issues that slow down product development and the methodology that will dramatically accelerate your time to market
  • How mid-size family-run businesses can manage complexities using the methods, technologies, and best practices successfully leveraged by large companies
  • How the coronavirus has pushed businesses into digitizing and automating processes, which will lead to a wave of improvements and innovation
  • Why companies should move from an ego-mindset to an eco-mindset, focus on ecosystems, and manage the product exploitation and exploration phases
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