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Value of digitalization with Pieter Leijten


Pieter Leijten is the Vice President EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) at Sopheon. Pieter is in charge of representing Sopheon’s interests and spearheading its projects across these regions. He specializes in mapping and quantifying associated benefits that promote investments in various innovative solutions and initiatives. Pieter has over 30 years of experience working with companies in the logistics and systems and technology industries. Pieter joins me today to discuss why digitization is a must for every company, legacy, or start-up. He describes his passion for innovation, the benefits of digitization, and why he still sees value in having in-person meetings. He explains what the world was like when digitization was a buzzword and how it helped us push through the pandemic. Pieter also shares actionable advice to those who want a career in innovation.

"Digitize or die. People are ahead of you if you don't digitize." - Pieter Leijten


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Pieter’s thoughts on communication over the past two years
  • What you don’t notice in virtual meetings that you would in person
  • Why Pieter pursued a career in innovation
  • What it was like when digitization was still a new concept
  • Using a myriad of innovation tools and how enterprise management benefits from them
  • How digitization is used to create a database of knowledge
  • Using digitization to solve supply chain problems
  • Why you should consistently innovate regardless of crises
  • Pieter's advice to those getting started with digitization
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