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The roadmapping process


Roadmaps are what we use as a reference to tailor our projects and various investments in the business. It’s essentially our guide—a compass to where we want to be with all the details of getting there. However, many are confused by roadmapping, especially regarding how it starts and who should be spearheading it.

In this episode, I describe roadmapping and the different kinds of roadmaps. I explain what roadmapping is from the viewpoint of innovation and why we conduct roadmapping exercises in the first place. I share valuable resources that dive deeper into roadmapping. I also discuss when an organization should update its roadmap and the data that makes an excellent roadmap.

"Roadmapping is not a single-person endeavor, but a shared initiative." - Paul Heller


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Defining roadmapping and the different varieties
  • Roadmapping from an innovation perspective
  • Considering when to update a roadmap in your corporation
  • Why we conduct road mapping exercises
  • Valuable resources for road mapping

Resources Mentioned:

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