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The Data Pillar of Portfolio Management with Huub Rutten


Huub Rutten—Vice President of Product Research and Design and co-founder of Sopheon—joined me last episode to talk about the governance pillar of portfolio management. He explained the importance of having a Rules of Governance Charter and the difference between technology-driven and marketing-driven growth, among other topics.

In Part 2 of our portfolio management series, Huub describes why the navigation system is the first data your database should have. He shares his experience regarding estimations and how to obtain more realistic expectations. He explains what can happen to your governance if your data is of poor quality. Huub also describes how portfolio management is slowly becoming integral to innovation management.

"If the data is not good, the governance is not implemented. A direct consequence of bad governance is bad data." - Huub Rutten

This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Why the navigation system is the first data your database should have
  • Why estimations are more realistic further along your project
  • Pertinent data to have for portfolio management
  • Ensuring high-quality data is always obtained
  • How data allows you to make better decisions

Connect with Huub Rutten:


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