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Technologies causing new problems for virtual collaboration


We all spend a significant amount of time in virtual meetings, whether it's within our businesses or with other companies. The perception of an increased number of meetings is being noticed throughout the workplace, and people are beginning to express that they are having trouble keeping up, running from one meeting to the next. But, is meeting prevalence on the rise as more people work from home? Are we really spending more time in meetings, or is this simply a matter of perception? In today's episode, I share how technologies are causing new problems for virtual collaboration as professionals begin to experience virtual meeting fatigue. I look at some of the issues we are experiencing in meetings, including privacy issues and the difficulties in arranging meetings with external participants. I discuss the technology that currently exists and is under development to help with the challenges of virtual meetings, including AI meeting management software, transcripts and recordings, background noise, and video filters. I also share why we should pledge to stop multitasking in meetings to improve meeting dynamics and build our abilities to participate, contribute, and understand.

"AI is going to be an important part of the way we communicate." - Paul Heller


This week on Innovation Talks:
  • How cameras and the visual aspect of a meeting differs from the physical conference room and causes more cognitive activity in the brain
  • The rising trend for out-of-hours meetings in global companies
  • The benefits of recording sessions and synchronized transcript technology
  • The opportunities for technology and AI in virtual meetings
  • Why you should stop multitasking in meetings, focus on the meeting, and pay attention
  • The risky balance between meeting automation and human participation
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