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New Challenges for Product Organizations


New challenges are hitting product organizations at an unprecedented rate, and the global microprocessor shortage is an excellent example. General Motors, for instance, announced in March this year that they were going to have to reduce the fuel control system on some of their vehicles, and more recently, they said they were going to stop including the start/stop system on their trucks, SUVs, and light-duty trucks. These actions are a demonstration of something needing to be reduced in a product because of a challenge. General Motors chose to do this in one of their strongest product lines in North America with the largest volume. The reaction does not impact the drivability or consumer sentiment of the vehicles. However, the consumer impact would be huge if they made these moves in their economy vehicles, where fuel economy is a buying factor and fewer vehicle numbers are sold, only marginally reducing their demand for processors. In today's episode, I discuss the new challenges for product organizations. I predict that we will be facing these challenges quicker and much more often as the global pace of technology is moving so fast, particularly as demand returns after COVID-19. I reveal which areas are being hit the most by challenges, volatility, and unplanned decisions. I share what product organizations will need to do to meet these new challenges and discuss the boundaries within organizations that will need to be overcome to find success. I also share what the successful companies of tomorrow are doing today to adjust to the pace of challenges, including improving their communication and agility.

"Those companies that can cross the organizational boundaries and hierarchical boundaries are going to be much more successful at solving this problem." - Paul Heller


This week on Innovation Talks:
  • How a supply chain issue can lead to unplanned decisions affecting product management, product line, and brand
  • Why product organizations should expect new challenges such as the microprocessor shortage, Suez Canal incident, and COVID-19
  • How volatility and new challenges require product management, brand managers, and product line owners to come up with new strategies, solutions, and answers
  • Bringing together product, supply chain, and manufacturing in working sessions to break down boundaries and find success
  • What the 'winners of tomorrow' are doing now to adjust to the speed and impact of disruptions

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