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Internet of Things (IoT) based innovation management – closing the loop, or close to a snoop? | Sopheon


Colin Tattersall is the Product Manager at Sopheon. He has a strong background initially working in a research capacity in linguistics and knowledge management, eventually moving into new product development and innovation. He was previously an Associate Professor at Open Universiteit Nederlands, a Consultant at QNH Consulting, and a Project Leader at KPN Research. Colin has a Bachelor's degree in Computational Science and a Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Linguistics and Knowledge-Based Systems from the University of Leeds. Colin joins me today to discuss IoT-based innovation management. He explores how we might make use of the insights we get from smart product data in the innovation process itself. He shares how closed-loop product lifecycle management should be informed at the front end by what's really happening with products. He shares his views on device cooperation and the industrial and product development opportunities that are available from IoT data. We discuss how far it is appropriate to go in using customer data. Colin also shares details on how Accolade is being developed for use in smart products and highlights the challenges of retaining oversight when many tools and techniques are being used.

"Smart products offer the possibility of getting some insight into what really is being used, which feature is getting used all day every day, and which is not hitting the mark." - Colin Tattersall


This week on Innovation Talks:
  • Why machine learning and knowledge management systems are taking off
  • How Electrolux have leveraged Accolade Innovation Management Software in their success story, compressing product time to market
  • The key challenges and opportunities around innovation
  • Getting data from smart products and putting it back into the innovation process for the next generation
  • The types of insights that closed-loop product lifecycle management systems provide
  • Learning trends in how networks of products are used and working together
  • The difficulties in protecting and regulating customer's data and data sharing
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