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2021 innovation themes & go-forward innovation trends


Last year was an excellent year for Innovation Talks. We launched the podcast to discuss topics around innovation, providing value to you, our listeners. We brought in guests and experts—including practitioners, academics, thought leaders, authors, and a few experts from within Sopheon—to share insights regarding a gradient of topics: the innovation process, governance, portfolio management, decision-making, innovation workers, culture, and the role of technology. We hope you have found the episodes educational and enjoyable. In today's episode, I reflect on ten innovation themes from 2021. These include governance, process, and portfolio—covering Agile, Stage-Gate®, Scrum, Scaled Agile Framework, and Lean. We also discuss the challenges of family-owned businesses, innovation ecosystems, start-up thinking, and disruptive and radical innovation. I highlight the guests who explored topics including sustainability, technology, ways of working, ways of thinking, and product management. I also share what we should expect in innovation in 2022 and the challenges ahead.

"Nobody is doing innovation alone anymore; you are doing it with others." - Paul Heller


This week on Innovation Talks:
  • The guests who delivered insights into governance, process, and portfolio
  • The unique challenges of family-owned businesses
  • Innovation ecosystems including universities, partners, suppliers, customers, and other companies
  • The episodes that delved into start-up thinking and disruptive and radical innovation
  • Three guests who discussed sustainability
  • The discussions we had around technology, particularly in regards to managing your process and aligning your people and technology in products
  • How ways of working and thinking are changing
  • What we have learned about product management
  • Innovations in the automotive industry, aerospace and defense, and chemicals
  • The challenges and expectations for innovation in 2022
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